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Congratulations to Prof Raymond Auerbach, whose work in the field of organic farming systems and food security (locally and elsewhere on the African continent) has recently landed him a prestigious Nelson Mandela University “Engagement Excellence Award”, in the individual category. 

This is the second year in a row that the university acknowledges Prof Auerbach’s outputs. Last year he also received an Engagement Award for his work with local gardeners and planning of an AgriPark.  He recently attended a colloquium to report on his work.

Prof Auerbach was also presented with a Certificate of Recognition by the African Union Commission in Nigeria last year - the citation lists his lifelong contribution as a champion of ecological organic agriculture in Africa.

The George Campus Principal, Prof. Quinton Johnson warmly congratulated Prof. Raymond Auerbach on his “Terrific Engagement Award in working for food security, as a Sustainable Futures Leader”.

Over the past three months Auerbach, who is an Associate Professor in Soil Science and Plant Production at University's School of Natural Resource Management at the George Campus, attended and presented papers in his field of expertise at two major conferences in Cape Town, namely the World Public Health and Nutrition Conference with the International Organic Food Group, as well as the “Re-imagining Agriculture” conference organised by the Programme for Land and Agrarian Studies.

Follow the link to read Prof Auerbach’s article on organic farming  Raymond Auerbach Organic farming gets a bad rap. Why it shouldn’t                            

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