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If the final exit presentations delivered by the 4th year BTech Agricultural Management students from the George Campus are to be taken as a measure of future success, a number of new innovative agricultural businesses should blossom in the future.

The class of 2018 impressed with their insightful reports on the topic, “My ideal sustainable agri-business”  which, amongst others, included feedback on interesting ventures such as high density avocado cropping under shade-netting, container farming, urban roof-top farming, nutrient-film technique hydroponic vegetable production, agro-forestry, agri-tourism, aeroponic potato production, biogas farming and oyster mushroom production.

Members of the 4th year B.Tech Agricultural Management Class of 2018 who impressed their lecturers with their Final Exit Presentations on the topic “My ideal sustainable agri-business!” 

“Indeed some innovative perspectives on modern agriculture”, says Johan Jordaan, an Agricultural Economist and Senior Lecturer in Agricultural management at the Mandela University’s George Campus. “This is part of our teaching philosophy in the Diploma in Agricultural Management – to instil an entrepreneurial orientation in our students so that they can move beyond the traditional paradigm of agriculture”.

The Exit Presentations were concluded on a high note with a number of Academic Awards made to students who had excelled in various spheres of their studies in Agricultural Management.

  • The Award for Sustained Academic Performance over the three-year study period in the Diploma: Agricultural Management was made to three deserving students - Ian Wilson, Anitta Maqashalala and Rene Clowes.
  • Award for Sustained Academic Growth and Personal Self-development was scooped by Ntuthuzelo Manzi. He plans to join Future Farmers, for employment in Australia in 2019.

  • Kasper Kombrink was acknowledged by the Lecturers of the Department of Agricultural Management “for selfless contribution, over and above the normal student- and academic responsibilities toward the successful functioning of the course”. This is an award made annually to a student from the final year class group who has made a significant positive contribution towards the course.

  • Lindi van Blerk also scooped most of the Academic Awards, i.e. Best Academic Performance in the subject Animal Production: 2015 -2017 (awarded by Bonsmara Breeders Society), Best Academic Performance in the subject Plant Production: 2015 -2017 (awarded by Tikketai and accompanied by a cash incentive), as well as Best Academic Performance in the subject Agricultural Management: 2015 -2017 (awarded by SSK). 

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