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Campus Principal, Dr Kaluke Mawila, and members of the Campus Management Team visited the site of the construction of Madiba Drive on Tuesday, 8 February 2022.

This road, as we are aware, has been under construction as a result of the November 2021 floods, which subsequently affected access to the Nelson Mandela University’s George Campus.

What has happed since our last update on 20 January 2022?

Campus Management continues to consult with the District Municipality on a weekly basis, as well as with the Provincial Roads Department to closely monitor work on Madiba Drive and the current access road through Wilderness. Work to reconstruct Madiba Drive commenced on Monday, 17 January 2022, and is scheduled for completion in March.

The Garden Route Municipality, which is the construction agent on behalf of the Provincial Roads Department, has confirmed that over 600m3 of material has been excavated to get to invert level (bottom of pipe) and 200mm diameter pipe has been laid to divert water from flooding the big trench.

“We are anticipating the laying of 1.8m diameter Class 100D spigot and socket pipes to resume shortly. Following this, we will undercut from existing excavation 800mm deep (200mm for 19mm stone filter layer and 600mm for bedding). This undercutting is a result of wet in-situ material.  Currently, we have received eight units of pipes and will get the last four on Monday, 14 February. In total, we are laying 12 units of 30m, each unit is 2.5m long” said the Project Manager, Lungisa Qendu.

In addition, in-situ material has been taken to the lab for testing, and other materials are in the procurement process. The aim and priority is to lay pipes, backfill and open the road.  Activities such as Headwalls and Gabions will not affect road users, as those can continue whilst the road is operational.

Wilderness Route

The Provincial Roads Department has committed to assisting the George Campus in continuing to monitor and clear any debris and fallen vegetation on the Wilderness route, to ensure clear visibility. Signs and alerts have been erected en route. Campus Protection Services continue to further assist by travelling the route on a regular basis and ensuring that the Municipality is alerted of any dangers along the route.

The Campus remains assessible ONLY via the Wilderness back road through the Seven Passes.

Madiba Drive – 22 November, 2021

Madiba Drive 20 January, 2022 

Madiba Drive 08 February 2022

Campus Team together with District Officials 

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