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On 27 May 2019, our Vice-Chancellor officially launched the Naming and Renaming project and announced new names for eight of the Port Elizabeth student residences. Naming and renaming consultation processes are now gaining momentum at the George Campus as part of the University’s commitment to building social cohesion and a unique identity aligned to the values of its namesake.

A process outline for both internal and external stakeholder consultations is in place, led by Acting George Campus Principal, Mr David Alexander. This follows initial engagements held by the George Precinct Working Group since last year.

Dialogue opportunity

The next step in this process will be a dialogue session on 24 July 2019. This dialogue will be open to the entire campus community as well as external stakeholders. It will be led by historian and heritage practitioner, Dr Denver Webb (who also heads the University’s Strategic Resource Mobilisation Office), and will also involve two local historians. 

They will explore some of the histories of the George and surrounding area and discuss the principles and criteria of the naming and renaming policy. Stakeholders and interested parties will have the opportunity to engage in depth on the naming issue.

Thereafter, the George Precinct Working Group representatives will hold further consultations with role players and interested parties to discuss and obtain concrete inputs.


The George Precinct Working Group that is facilitating the process according to the policy principles and the necessary governance approvals, is working towards the following timelines:

  • 25 – 29 July: Working Group representatives to consult with the various constituencies.

  • 29 July: Workshop/Precinct Meeting to consider all inputs and to produce a draft proposal.

  • Submit draft proposal of the George Precinct Working Group to GMANCO on 30 July for feedback on 31 July.

  • Submission of agreed-upon name/s to reach the Arts, Culture and Heritage Committee by 1 August.

  • The recommendations will then serve at MANCO on 21 August.

Naming website

All information in support of the Naming and Renaming project is available on the Naming website   It is here that you can also Have your Say on the project, especially regarding those spaces and places relevant to you as a student member or student.

Communication and Stakeholder Liaison 

Contact information
Ms Alet van Tonder
Manager: Marketing & Corporate Relations
Tel: 27 44 801 5098