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Prof Christo Fabricius, leader of the Sustainability Research Unit located at NMMU’s George campus at Saasveld, has been invited to give a plenary address at the fifth global Water for Food Conference, to be held in Lincoln, Nebraska from 5 – 8 May, 2013.

The theme for this year’s conference is “Too Hot, Too Wet, Too Dry: Building Resilient Agro-ecosystems”. 

The organizers expressed the opinion that Prof Fabricius’ work in the area of resilience research represents a significant contribution to the global need to find solutions to the challenge of ensuring food security in the decades to come, amidst the increasing demands on limited water resources. They deemed him ideally placed to provide an “excellent overview of resilience and the capacity of our food, water and natural ecosystems to adapt to a changing climate”.

The Water for Food Institute is a research, education and policy analysis institute committed to helping the world use its freshwater resources efficiently to ensure a sustainable food supply.

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