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The impasse which has affected players of the NMMU George Rugby Club and which has prevented their recent participation in matches of the President’s League (Coastal Teams) has been resolved.

Following a discussion between senior representatives of both the SWD Rugby Union and NMMU George this week, it was agreed that the role of both institutions in the promotion of the sport of rugby is acknowledged, within their respective contexts.

Given the specific circumstances which had led to the impasse, SWD RU has agreed that their constitution should be amended to make provision for the unique needs of the education sector, including NMMU.  

In practice this means that the temporary ban on the NMMU George Rugby Club has been lifted and that the team will again be able to participate at league level. The particular rule which had given rise to the ban will be broadened/adapted to include the circumstances which had prevented the NMMU George Rugby Club from earlier participating in a particular league match. This had been interpreted by the SWD RU as a breach of the existing code, and had resulted in the penalty.

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