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Ensuring sustainable food production is a national priority, which requires the generation of innovative ideas and technologies.

Maryna LehmannNelson Mandela Metropolitan University (George Campus) lecturer in Agricultural Management, Maryna Lehmann-Maritz’s groundbreaking work in the arena of milk production has earned her a well-deserved accolade as one of seven category runners-up out of 400 entries in the first national Technology Innovation Competition.

Launched by the Department of Science and Technology’s Technology Innovation Agency and the CSIR, the Step-Up technology innovation competition was born from the belief that innovation can unlock new, different and more effective solutions to the challenges that face our country.

Ms Lehmann-Maritz’s entry in the Food and Agriculture category revolves around an innovation that offers an easy, non-evasive method to detect metabolic disorders in cows long before any symptoms are visible, without disrupting the parlour routine.  Metabolic disorders are prevalent in dairy herds across the world and causes major financial losses. 

Early detection and treatment helps to ensure better milk production, increased animal comfort, and reduced financial loss.

The prize includes a substantial financial investment, which will assist in fast-tracking the development and commercialisation of the winning innovations.

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