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Ena Wessels, an Information Technology lecturer at NMMU’s George Campus at Saasveld, and her son, Arian, a Maths teacher at Castle Bridge Private School in Bloemfontein, recently conducted a three-day basic computer course at a youth centre in Petrusville in the Northern Cape.

On the first day, the group, consisting of 10 eager students, learned how to switch on computers, working with a computer mouse, opening and saving documents in MS Word; as well as the professional layout of a Curriculum Vitae in MS Word.

After mastering the new skills taught on the first day, the morning session of day two involved the basics of Excel.

During the afternoon session Arian showed them how to draw up a budget in Excel and then with the aid of the Excel formulas check if their expenses exceeded their income.

On the last day, the group learned how to create presentations in MS PowerPoint, inserting new slides, pictures and clip art, working with e-mail, creating new e-mail messages and the sending and receiving of messages; as well as searching for information on the World Wide Web.

Each participant received a generic certificate to confirm their successful participation in a ‘Basic Computer Course’.

“The course was a great success and for me personally it was extremely fulfilling to work with an enthusiastic group wanting to acquire new skills,” said Ena.

Ena and Arian Wessels and their students from Petrusville

Ena Wessels (front left) and her son, Arian (back left) with their ten students from a youth centre in Petrusville after successfully completing a basic computer course.

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