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With economic pressures mounting across the board, maximising economic opportunities in sectors with the greatest potential to contribute to local economic development in a sustainable manner becomes increasingly important.  The Tourism industry, especially in the Eden District, is widely acknowledged as being a pillar of growth – a key driver in local economic development.

Given this context, the doctoral thesis of Dr Takalani Ramukumba, NMMU George Campus lecturer in Tourism Management, who graduated with the DPhil degree in Development Studies from NMMU in December 2015 is set to benefit both students of Tourism Management and industry stakeholders in general.

Dr Ramukumba’s study titled: “THE CONTRIBUTION OF GUEST HOUSES TO ECONOMIC GROWTH AND EMPLOYMENT AS KEY COMPONENTS OF LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE EDEN DISTRICT AREA” has been acknowledged for addressing “a very important issue in both industry and academia” in a sustainable manner.

Dr Ramukumba’s study takes an in-depth look at the role of tourism in poverty reduction; the demand and supply related factors relating to accommodation; planning issues and accommodation as a tourism product; the legislative framework for the South African tourism industry, with the Eden District municipality as further context and key stakeholder; as well as the importance of sustainable business practices in tourism accommodation with reference to sustainable development and the strategic implementation of sustainable business practices.

As an expert educator with a BA degree in Education, Dr Ramukumba has also acquired a depth of expertise in tourism and economic development through his BTech (Tourism) degree studies; as well as two masters qualifications – an MTech-degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management and an MA: Development Studies degree. 

The skilful combination of technical knowledge and expertise of the Tourism Industry and knowledge and insights on development which have successfully culminated in Dr Ramukumba’s most recent milestone – the attainment of the degree: DPhil: Development Studies – certainly bodes well for the students of NMMU George, and the relevant industry sectors.

Congratulations, Dr Ramukumba!


NMMU George Campus’ latest doctor – Dr Takalani Ramukumba – on graduation day at NMMU in Port Elizabeth.