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The annual Investec Nelson Mandela Uni (George) Accounting Winter School concluded on a high note at the George Campus on 6 July when teachers from across the Southern Cape, university management, the media and other stakeholders gathered on campus to share some final messages of inspiration, and some well-deserved accolades with the group of 200 Grade 12 learners who had participated in the exciting week-long programme

While Tutors (senior students) thanked the learners for their excellent interaction, Mr Gawie Raubenheimer, Head of Psychology at the WCED shared some words of encouragement with the learners on behalf of the Department. He used the analogy of an eagle chic, raised with chickens, who came to realise that he (like all of us) had something extra in him, i.e. powerful wings, to get him out of a challenging situation when he was forced out of his comfort zone. He encouraged the learners to plan their lives, bearing in mind that in reality there are certain things that we cannot change and not everything necessarily goes according to plan. However, he pointed out that a positive attitude equals altitude, when it includes characteristics such as gratitude, empathy, being prepared to take action and the ability to show forgiveness. “Things that matter do not come quickly”, he concluded.

Mr Ewayne Le Roux, Programme Co-ordinator for the Accounting programmes at George Campus thanked everyone who had contributed to the success of the winter school. He in particular thanked the learners who took the bold step to move out of their comfort zones, and demonstrated their openness to grow through active participation in the programme and its activities.

Dr Takalani Ramukumba, representing the Business and Economic Sciences Faculty in closing encouraged the learners to use what they had learnt during the week, and to continuously look at new ways to become a better person. You have to be prepared to work hard, to be humble; to assist others and in so-doing help change the world for the better, as our namesake, Nelson Mandela, had aspired to do, he said.

Winter School post-test prizes were awarded to Siphosethu Vena, from Fezekile Secondary School (who had shown the greatest improvement).  She, along with 3rd prize winner, Sibabalo Mkutukana, Mandlenkosi High School, and 2nd prize winner, Tarryn Pangel, Outeniqua High School, received Edgars gift vouchers valued at R250, R500 and R1000 respectively. The 1st prize, a Samsung Galaxy tablet, was scooped by Jewlin Jonkers from York High School. 

One learner in each tutorial group was also acknowledged for maintaining the highest level of engagement throughout the programme.

A vibrant team of learners, teachers, tutors and lecturers gathered to give the successful 2018 Investec Nelson Mandela University (George Campus) Accounting Grade 12 Winter School a warm nod of approval.

Most participative learners… Acknowledgements for excellent participation in the various tutorial groups during the Accounting Winter School went to the elated Tutorial Group winners featured with Dr Takalani Ramukumba of the Faculty of Business and Economic Sciences.

The Group includes Zay-Dee Mentoor (Tutorial Group A1); Marilyn Thompson (A2); Jewlin Jonkers (A3); Janalize Jelander (A4); Duane Solomons (A5); Sibabalo Mkutukana (E1); Lubabalo Ngantweni (E2); Sinazo Gunguluza (E3); Olwethu Ngqosi (E4) and Sisipho Qotyiwe (E5). 

One of the Winter School post-test prizes up for grabs went to Siphosethu Vena, from Fezekile Secondary School who had shown the greatest improvement.

Sibabalo Mkutukana from Mandlenkosi High School, was also congratulated by Dr Ramukumba on his good performance in the programme.

Tarryn Pangel, from Outeniqua High School, was delighted with her gift voucher.

The 1st prize, a Samsung Galaxy tablet, was scooped by Jewlin Jonkers from York High School.

Jennifer Mqondo took to the podium to thank everyone involved in the winter school on behalf of the learners.


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