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The three-man team from Rhino Knights, a non-profit organisation fighting for conserving southern Africa’s rhino, recently visited NMMU’s George Campus at Saasveld as part of a 10 000km awareness campaign.

By running 21km and cycling an additional 80km every day, Isabel Wolf-Gillespie with her husband, Lloyd and her sister, Raphaela as backup crew, is planning to cover the distance in approximately five months to create global awareness about the rhino poaching problem in southern Africa.

They were officially welcomed to the campus by the university’s George Campus Principal, Prof Quinton Johnson who explained that the George Campus is focused on becoming a world-class knowledge catalyst for a more sustainable future through cutting edge research, engagement, quality teaching and learning.

In addition he said that the plight of endangered species is an issue that needs our wholehearted support as the big question is: “Who will speak for the animals?”

The Rhino Knights visit to the university’s George Campus coincided with one of their rest days which they usually use for media engagements and talks and presentations at schools, universities and other organisations en route.

After a short questionnaire to gather information on the poaching problem, the Rhino Knights team spoke about how they started this initiative, what they hope to achieve on their 10 000km trek, the route they plan to take, other initiatives they work closely together with and ultimately how members of the public can become involved.

After the talk, the Rhino Knights team engaged students in a lively discussion on the problem of rhino poaching and possible solutions.

In concluding the session, Prof Johnson thanked them for their visit after which he and the Director of the School of Natural Resource Management, Prof Jos Louw, presented the Rhino Knights team with a donation in support of their deserving cause.

Rhino Knights team visit NMMU George

Supporting the Rhino Knights… Prof Quinton Johnson and the Rhino Knights team, Isabel Wolf-Gillespie with her husband, Lloyd and her sister, Raphaela, surrounded by NMMU George Campus staff and students. Photograph: by Kelvin Saunders

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