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“It is not every day that I am asked to step out of my car to be screened at the gate. However, the screening team on this campus insisted that I step out to be screened their way. For me, this was already reassurance that this institution is one that strictly follows the COVID-19 protocols.”

So said Western Cape Health MEC, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, at the start of her oversight visit to Nelson Mandela University’s George Campus on Thursday (15 April 2021) as part of her COVID-19 vaccination campaign in the Garden Route.

The Western Cape government is developing a COVID-19 vaccine roll-out system and is embarking on a community outreach initiative to ensure effective delivery of the vaccines.

Dr Mbombo, who has a keen interest in public health, was extremely impressed with the Campus’s overall COVID-19 compliance measures. She was particularly in awe with the Campus’s preparations for the vaccine rollout, adding how these may be of great value and assistance to the district’s upcoming phase 2 and 3 of the vaccine rollout.

“This campus is ready, I have walked the campus to have a real feel of how this institution has responded to the COVID-19 regulations. Impressive are the current plans in place to roll out the vaccine. The infrastructure is here; I have seen their field home and storage facilities – vaccine fridge – that is ready to store vaccines. This campus is ready,” Dr Mbombo excitedly exclaimed.

Accompanied by the Campus Principal, Dr Kaluke Mawila, and members of senior management, the MEC and her delegation embarked on a walkabout of the campus facilities, to showcase how the University’s implementation of its COVID-19 compliance measures and plans to support the vaccine rollout.

The visit afforded the delegation a real-time experience of the Campus’s preparedness for vaccine rollout, as well as provide an opportunity for engagement with the Campus community.

“As a Campus, we are privileged to have hosted the Honourable MEC Mbombo as part of her visit to assure herself on the level of preparedness of organisations - public and private - as well as institutions of higher learning as critical stakeholders in managing the pandemic,” said Dr Mawila

“The MEC had an opportunity to go through our Campus to see how we are managing and supporting both staff and students to keep the Campus safe while supporting the academic programme through these difficult times.”

Since the emergence of the pandemic in South Africa, Mandela University, through its Coronavirus Task Team (CTT), has been actively responding to and putting in place safety measures to save lives and enable academic activity and operations on the Campus.

“As an institution in the service of society, it is indeed a privilege to have the MEC and her delegation visit the Campus. This visit is a highlight for universities and campuses to connect with critical role players in the area of health. We, as Mandela University George Campus, are raising our hand as a campus to become a key contributor in discussions as well as the societal conversations around the management of the pandemic,” said Dr Mawila as she concluded the visit.

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