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Creativity is community work…Filmmaker and George Campus Advanced Diploma in Game Ranch Management student, Yandisa Ndzeku, knows this best.

For the past year, 25 year old Yandisa has been on a mission to unite and expand the creative-community in George. With no formal training in dramatic arts, he has been able to self-learn the science behind filmmaking leading him to premier his second short film “Tomorrow”.

So, why the film Tomorrow? The simple response is – Unity, and Messaging – but there are deeper-layers to that…

I wanted to showcase local talents and encourage collective-collaboration he says when asked about his central objective.

The film follows the story of Amanda Bucwa played by Samkelisiwe Mbuyazi and Ethan Schroder played by Zivan Trifonovic. It is by no mistake that the premier of the film also falls within the National 16 Days of Activism against woman and children in South Africa. Aimed at raising deeper awareness around these issues – the film highlights the different ways everyday people become affected by these socials ills and further brings our attention to the role we collectively play in fighting these issues in the real world. Lead actress, Amanda Bucwa, in the final scene from her hospital bed, states – “Tomorrow another woman is being raped; Tomorrow another woman is being killed”

More than just aspiring to unite people within the area, Yandisa wanted the film to address key social issues that affect us every day; with the focus being; Gender-based violence, racism and the failures of our criminal justice system.

To achieve his goal, this young filmmaker pulled together a cast of individuals from various backgrounds, inclusive of different ages, races, and cultural orientations. About 90% of the team consists of local students from the George Campus community. From the makeup-artist, Sinovuyo Sobekwa, to the directors of photography, Nkosiphendule Ngqwala and Yanga Gxashi, Yandisa ensured exposure and development of his peers.

Although respectively new to each craft, he wanted to harness these gifts, and showcase them to the world.

We had no budget for the film and I didn’t want to make empty-promises to any of the parties involved. This industry is very manipulative and tricky, and I prefer to approach my work with honesty instead, says the young filmmaker.

With two films under his belt UMONA and Tomorrow, and another currently in the pipeline, Yandisa strives to be more than just a storyteller – but an Artivist (Artistic Activist) too. This entails telling stories that hold value and the power to challenge opinions, shift perspectives, and inspire change.  

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Communications Manager: George Campus
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