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Learners from George and surrounds, and the young at heart, will have an opportunity to participate in an exciting line-up of science-related engagements as part of the Mandela University and partners’ focus on science during the 2019 NSW outreach.

The Mandela University’s Executive Dean of Science, Prof Azwinndini Muronga is set to enthuse learners and the public with a talk titled “The Fourth Industrial Revolution and the 4th Age”.  Three sessions have been scheduled at the Inkcubeko Science Centre in Thembalethu (1 and 2 August), where learners and educators will also have an opportunity to visit a science expo.  Prof Muronga will also present this talk at the George Civic Centre on 2 August (late afternoon) as part of the programme for the annual Eskom Expo which, amongst others, features the science projects of learners.

A series of coding workshops, called TANKS, form part of the on-campus NSW programme that will be hosted by postgraduate students in Computing Sciences. Learners will have an opportunity to be assisted in mastering some basic coding skills, with the use of smartphones provided by the Mandela University.                        

Well-known Botanist, Dr Tony Rebelo of SANBI, will again be presenting a number of INAT workshops (beginners and advanced), both at the Mandela University George Campus and at other venues, such as the Botanical Gardens. The workshops aim to enable participants to use software to participate in Citizen Science

Talks on the impact of plastic in the ocean, along with the screening of episodes of the “Our Planet” Netflix series also form part of the science focus week.          

 “Facing the harsh realities of climate change”, the overarching theme of National Science Week 2019, should appeal to a wide range of interests in the sciences.

Prof Azwinndini Muronga, Mandela University’s Dean of Science (centre), who enthralled learners during last year’s NSW outreach in Thembalethu.

Learners will again have an opportunity to discover more about the exciting world of science during the National Science Week programme hosted by Mandela University and other stakeholders towards the end of July, beginning August. Attendance of all sessions is for educational purposes and therefore free of charge. A more detailed programme will be featured on the Mandela University and George Campus website and in other media.

Download the programme for the week as well as the iNaturalist courses from this page.

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