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A variety of interesting exhibitions, lectures, workshops, demonstrations, wetland tours and much more will ensure that visitors to the much anticipated annual Science Expo presented by NMMU and Glenwood House School stand in awe at the technological innovations that underpin a more sustainable future.

Speakers will include NMMU and other academics and researchers on a variety of topics such as solar and wind energy, chemical production technology, algae and biofuel, the chemistry of popular batteries and their use in modern technologies; technology use in the management of wildlife, with specific reference to white shark research. 

Advanced 3D printing technology, including a self-built 3D printer presented by pupils, EDRO  robotics with hands-on workshops, a model aircraft show, remote control racing (for all ages), and  innovation theatre and an outdoor Experilab Science Show set for 30 July at 14:00 will furthermore set the scene for a thought-provoking and most enjoyable ScieX 2015. 

On the culinary side, a number of cooking demonstrations, classes for young aspirant chefs, boerewors and kebab competitions, as well as a top chef competition have been included in the programme. A one-stop-registration/information station will assist visitors and participants to make the most of their visit to ScieX 2015

ScieX 2015, a knowledge partnership between Glenwood House School and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, scheduled for 30 July between 09:00 and 16:00 and 31 July (09:00 – 13:00), is open to the public at large, including learners, with a focus on senior learners. The ScieX 2015 venue is Glenwood House School and entrance is free of charge.   

The opening of ScieX  has been scheduled at the NMMU George Campus on the evening of 29 July at 17:30.  The keynote speaker is Jaci Barnett, Director of Innovation at NMMU and CEO of Innovolve.

See further details about the exciting ScieX programme attached.

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