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NMMU Chancellor, Ms Santie Botha, recently visited the university’s George Campus where she delivered a thought-provoking public lecture in a capacity-filled venue on campus.

The theme of the public lecture was “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” and the multi-faceted event included the signing of a memorandum of understanding between NMMU and South Cape College for mutual co-operation in the education sphere, as well as acknowledging the important relationship between the university and the municipal government, through the handing over of a Certificate of Recognition to the George Municipality. 

The opportunity was optimised to facilitate engagement between the Chancellor and a variety of key stakeholder groups that are relevant to the growth and purpose of the university in the southern Cape and beyond. 

Ms Botha, who is, amongst others, known for her phenomenal role in rebranding and growing MTN’s market share, presented a global perspective on competitiveness and growth, amidst the need for development which is sustainable.  She, amongst others,  emphasised the need for collaboration, radical thinking and constant re-invention to remain competitive and cited examples of global brands that have managed to transform successfully into the new economy. 

High profile delegation

High profile delegation… A campus tour formed part of the busy itinerary prepared for the historic visit by NMMU Chancellor, Santie Botha, to the university’s picturesque George Campus where she delivered a captivating public lecture on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in a capacity filled lecture theatre on 11 November. Chancellor Botha, third from left, enjoyed a panoramic view of the Campus from a central vantage point.  She is accompanied here by NMMU executives (from left) Dr Sibongile Muthwa, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Institutional Services; Cllr Chris Neethling who serves on the NMMU Council, as well as the George Municipal Council; Prof Derrick Swartz, the NMMU Vice-Chancellor; Prof Piet Naudé, Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic; Prof Thoko Mayekiso, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Engagement, and Prof Quinton Johnson, Campus Principal.

Green and greener

Green and greener…  With respect for the natural environment and sustainable environmental practice key elements of the NMMU value system, it should come as no surprise that a symbolic tree-planting, featuring an indigenous yellowwood tree, was included in Chancellor Botha’s visit to the George Campus.  She was assisted by the current generation of students, represented by Student Council members Iviwe Sawuti (standing left) and Asafika Mzinjana (standing right), Anathi Masebeni (front, left) and Samantha Boesak (front, right).  Chancellor Botha is flanked by Prof Derrick Swartz (left), the NMMU Vice-Chancellor and Prof Quinton Johnson, Campus Principal.

NMMU and South Cape College

MoU seals closer co-operation between NMMU and South Cape College

During the annual NMMU Public Lecture held at the university’s George Campus, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and South Cape College in terms of which the two institutions will strengthen their collaboration in certain spheres, such as staff development; matters relating to training in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), as well as articulation of programmes, in terms of which SCC students in certain subject areas may gain access to certain programmes offered by NMMU. Signatories to this agreement were (standing) Mr W Mahlangu, South Cape College Councillor, NMMU Chancellor, Ms Santie Botha;  Prof Quinton Johnson, NMMU George Campus Principal, and (seated) Mr R Smit, South Cape College, Council Chairperson; Mr Luvuyo Ngubelanga, CEO of South Cape College and Prof Derrick Swartz, NMMU Vice-Chancellor.

“Town and Gown” tradition

“Town and Gown” tradition cemented…

Alderman Charles Standers, Executive Mayor of George  accepted a Certificate of Recognition awarded by the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University to the George Municipality to acknowledge the municipality’s “…commitment to excellent, quality service as well as significant contribution towards an environmentally friendly and sustainable environment”.  The handover ceremony took place during the annual NMMU Public Lecture in George where the NMMU Chancellor, Ms Santie Botha, addressed guests on the captivating subject of “Innovation and Entrepreneurship”.

Prof Quinton Johnson, NMMU George Campus Principal (left); Ms Santie Botha, NMMU Chancellor; and Prof Derrick Swartz (far right), NMMU Vice-Chancellor, congratulated the Executive Mayor who received the certificate on behalf of his council and the residents of George.  “A City with quality educational institutions guarantees the availability of skills that lay the foundation for effective governance.  I want to commit myself  and the George City Council to build, maintain and strengthen relationships and partnerships within the Educational sphere…”, he said, indicating that the MoU signed between NMMU and South Cape College contributes to establishing George as the “Educational Hub” of the region.

Prof Swartz emphasised the importance of a strong relationship between “town and gown” as catalysts for sustainable growth.

Partners in progress

Partners in progress…. South Cape College CEO, Mr Luvuyo Ngubelanga (left), Prof Quinton Johnson, NMMU George Campus Principal, Alderman Charles Standers, Executive Mayor of George and the Municipal Manager, Mr Trevor Botha, proudly representing the education sector and local government as some of the key stakeholders in the sustainable growth of the region.

NMMU George Campus Choir

The NMMU George Campus Choir warmly welcomed Chancellor Botha at the lecture venue where she spent time to become better acquainted with the students and guests.

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