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Unit: Office of the Director: Operations


Staff member: Martin Loubser
Designation: Director: Operations
Highest academic qualifications: LLM
Areas of expertise: Private law
Description of services responsible for: Co-ordination of professional support services
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5097 / E-mail address:


Unit:  Student Affairs 

Staff member: Dr Sefoko Ramoshaba
Designation: Deputy Director: Student Affairs
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5029 / E-mail address:

Unit: Campus Health Services

Staff member: Mietjie Kock
Designation: Nurse
Highest academic qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Nursing Management and Community Nursing
Area of expertise: Primary Health
Description of services responsible for: Managing campus health: Clinical consultation and diagnoses; dispense medication for students and staff; occupational health; follow-up, care and support of HIV patients and recording monthly statistics.
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5062 / E-mail address:

Unit:  Student Housing

Staff member: Khululwa Mvango
Designation: : Residence Manager: Outeniqua residences
Highest academic qualifications: M. Phil Degree (Stellenbosch University), Post Graduate Diploma In HIV Management ( Stellenbosch University), BA Honours in Psychology (UPE), BA in Social Sciences (Vista University)
Areas of expertise: Counselling, HIV/AIDS, Management 
Contact number: Work:044 801 5034 / E-mail address:

Unit:  Campus Health Services

Dave Jenkings

Staff member: Antoinette Piet
Designation: Counsellor
Highest academic qualifications: BHons Psychology
Contact number: Work: 044 801 -05125 / E-mail address:

Unit: Student Housing 

Staff member: Anathi Masebeni 
Designation: Off Campus Residences Administrator; 
Contact number: Work: (044) 801 5039 / E-mail address:

Unit: HEADS & Student Counselling 

Staff member: Charles A. Persence
Designation:Senior Student Counsellor (Educational Psychologist)
Highest academic qualifications: M.Ed.(Psych); B.Ed.(Psych); FDE; BA; HDE (Postgrad.)
Area of expertise: Counselling &Therapy; Emotional Intelligence; Career Counselling; Couples Counselling
Description of services responsible for: Supply information, training in electronic databases, and other library related tasks.
Contact number: Work: (044) 801 5051 / E-mail address: 

Unit: Office of the Campus Principal

Linda Muller

Staff member: Linda Muller

Designation: Personal Assistant to the Campus Principal
Highest academic qualifications: Grade 12
Area of expertise: Organising, planning, office management, events and guest relations
Description of services responsible for: Maintain and manage the day to day activities of the Campus Principal’s office.
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5002 / e-mail address:

Unit: Madibaz George Sport Manager

Hugo Loubser

Staff member: Hugo Loubser

Designation: Sport Manager (George Campus)
Highest academic qualifications: BA Physical Education, BA Hon Group Dynamics
Areas of expertise: Event management including tournaments, coaching clinics and community outreach projects and developing partnerships and joint ventures with relevant stakeholders.
Description of services responsible for: Support to all sport clubs on campus, management of sporting facilities and leadership training to sport clubs
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5037; Mobile: 082 575 1826 / E-mail address:


Shann Kieswetter

Staff member: Shan Kieswetter
Designation: Academic Development Professional
Academic qualifications: TTHD, ACE Computers in Education, BED Honours
Contact number: Work: 044 801 5105; Mobile: 082 495 2292 / E-mail address: